Day 84: Gaaaah update

Hello remember me? Yep I am gonna defo do a blog EVERY DAY. Ooops. … that didn’t last long. Any hoo. … just a quick one the last 12 weeks have included a trip to Cape Town:


A trip to Canada (brrrrrr):


A trip to Copenhagen: mmmm no photos there. Oh well.

…. and EIGHT bloody exhibitions. Thank goodness that month of March exhibition madness is over.

The countdown to wedding-gate is getting lower and lower and lower only 76 days to go now. I don’t know where the time is going. I have my heart countdown in the office where I colour a square in every day. I can’t believe how far we have come from 309 to only 76 days…. eek.


But the primary reason for my check in at this juncture is what can only be described as an epic achievement for me. My 100 repetitions of Hell scores are in … and …drum roll please. … check these digits out:


Yep.  Read it and weep (with joy and proudness! ) my last test in January was a time of 18:10 .. I have shaved another 6 minutes off my time!!!!

Day 84: Gaaaah update

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