Day 5: A Short One

Tired tonight so it’s all about the bullet points.

Feeling fat and bloated, but keep saying this is just the beginning. You feel after 5 days that some miracle should happen and you wake up a size 8 and the world has become peaceful. Oh well it took a long time to get fat… its gonna take a long time to get thin.


Gym was a running sesh tonight. I survived. My highlight is catching glimpses of myself in the mirrors…. eugh…. why why why do they need so many bloody mirrors in the gym. Basically torture.

My big problem at the moment is scoffing too much when I get home. I do really well at work during the day and am pleased to have cut out the daily Nakd Bar I was eating and have replaced it with home made hummus… but when we have dinner I am still eating portions that are way too big. Eating the right foods is one thing (and I am hitting this out of the park) but eating sensible amounts …. Mmm I’m not so good at.

Today’s takeaway: Smaller portions fattie.

Goodnight cruel world.

Day 5: A Short One

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