Day 4: Feeling Motivated

The first 4 days have been a walk in the park (well apart from chocolate cake – gate) …. I am motivated and enjoying the change of pace.  My only concern right now is keeping the momentum and the focus 100%.


I made it to the gym after work and did my HIIT session. Altho it wasn’t as much fun as the last two sessions have been. It was quite a tough set of exercises and my wrists are starting to hurt and my muscles ache from beating myself in the last two work outs. I think tomorrow is a running day (hated running, my worst thing) but at least it will change up the pace for me. I watched a very slim, young blonde girl taking selfies of herself working out on the stepper so I couldn’t resist taking my own ‘selfie’ whilst cooling down on the treadmill.

Once things start to become routine that’s when I need to renew the enthusiasm and remind myself to stick with it. I already thought tonight… meh better write my blog I suppose…. but I will be pleased with myself once the post is done. 


Any hoo moving on. I have eaten the most delicious food today, and not been hungry. Had my granola with a blended banana and almond milk for breakkie,  my home made hummus as a snack, lasts nights left overs for lunch and chicken casserole for dinner was yummy!!


Day 4: Feeling Motivated

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