Day 3: Stuck in the kitchen

So today has been busy, busy, busy back to work tomorrow after the Christmas break, and I am ready for a change of scene. I am sure within an hour of being back at work I will wish I was back at home sofa bound working my way through netflix! .. but for now I am looking forward to getting back to it.

Tomorrow is the official start day of the 28 day fat loss challenge and I spent a lot of time this morning scouring pinterest and Facebook for recipes to get me kicked off.


Shopping list drawn up I managed to keep the food bill at a reasonable level (not easily done!!) and picked up a 100 ton of nuts from the local health food shop in Aylesbury (saving more pennies obvs!).

When I got home I was starving (and so was Paul!) so I had to whip something up quite quickly and when you are following a new and unfamiliar recipe is never easy! Anyway I made something called chicken and cauliflower egg fried rice. It was quite a faff cooking bacon, then eggs, then onions and chicken, blending cauliflower for the ‘rice’, then cooking that… and finally (finally!!) combining it all together.  The end result was actually very nice and I have got left overs for lunch tomorrow.


I did my usual trick of going mad and making about 50 different things…. so I also knocked up some coconut granola (bake in the oven nuts/seeds/shredded coconut/coconut oil and agave), some hummus, a weird sweet potato and nut soup and the beginning of our chicken casserole for dinner tomorrow.


The kitchen looked like a bomb had hit it by the time I had finished,  I had used pretty much every utensil available!! But I am pretty stocked up on a few things to keep me out of trouble … well for a few days anyway!!

So… in other news…. literally EVERY muscle in my body hurts. Every. Single One…. which must mean the two workouts I have done really hit the spot! So I am very pleased. Tomorrow is first day back in the office and enforced exercise. I can’t decide whether I want to go to the gym before or after work yet. To start of with I am going to go after… I will see how well this fits into things.

Links for the recipies I knocked up today are below:

Carrot and nut soup
Chicken egg fried cauliflower rice
Coco nutty granola
Garlic and chili flake hummus
Chicken casserole

Day 3: Stuck in the kitchen

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