Bullet Dodged (sort of)


We had a trip to John Lewis today to pick our wedding gift list and we were delighted to receive a voucher for free tea and cake for two! …. well…. imagine how delighted I was!! Having promised myself no not even a taste I have to admit I succumbed.

Paul picked two cakes one of which was a huge chocolate number that was literally calling my name “come here fattie…. you know you want to eat me”… so of course it would have been rude not to… Except when I had a mouthful and looked at this huge dark chocolate beauty it just didn’t met my expectations. No way near… For it to be worth a cheat it needs to blow me away, and it totally WAS NOT WORTH IT. So fork went down and I passed the baton of the two cake challenge to Paul.

P.s…. I wasn’t that virtuous I had picked up some chocolate covered rice cakes… which tasted so much better than the mouthful of cake, SO much better!!

These special occasions are going to keep cropping up and I need to have my action plan in place. The key thing to remember is….. it never ever ever tastes good enough to make it worth eating. Remember this Lucy… (AGAIN!!) …

On a separate note I am currently sat outside the gym waiting for Paul to finish his session off. I have managed two days now …. which doesn’t sound that impressive… but its just the beginning.

Out for dinner tonight ( a healthy chili I am promised!! ) …. no booze allowed so have resorted to a scented candle as our gift to the host. Well what else is there other than booze or chocolate?!

Bullet Dodged (sort of)

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