Just a taste

I already know what my biggest hurdle will be (aside from the fact that I am just plain greedy!): it’s the ‘just a taste’ mentality. Just a bite of this, mouthful of that, slice, nibble, mouthful… One of my goals for the 160 countdown is to knock this firmly on the head.

I know they say a little of what you fancy does you good … but for me it doesn’t. Because just a taste invariably leads to … and a bit more… and just more mouthful and.. oh sod it well it might as well be the while thing now… and then the damage is done.

Yesterday we didn’t leave the two lovely sofas in our home. We sat and stuffed our faces silly and watched film after film after TV show (just discovered Netflix and House of Cards!) .. and it was lovely…  but as my tummy got bigger and I got more and more bloated. I had to ask myself… am I really enjoying this? Really? …and honestly the answer was no (and yes a little bit). But…


I know that the real punishment won’t be the bloated tummy for the first few hours when you feel SO full it will be the expanded hips and waistline a week later…. I am already finding that hardly any of my clothes will squeeze over my chubby post Christmas body.. and again I have to ask myself. Was it really worth it? The mouthful of Christmas cake, the box of chocolates (just one.. oh sod it let’s just finish the box) the mince pies, bread, ham……  no Lucy.  I promise you faithfully … and remember this now


There it’s been said now, and this is all about no excuses for 160. So I am putting that in my pocket for later when I need a gentle reminder.

Today is going to be a hard day for me cause I am heading for the gym, and it won’t be the exercise that hurts. It will be putting on my gym kit and seeing all the fat splurging out …. and then worrying constantly that everyone is looking at the fat girl. It’s going to be uncomfortable and very difficult,  and one day of exercise won’t make it easier…. but its the first step on a 160 day journey. Here we go.

Just a taste

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